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ERP Systems
for sports professionals

In-depth IT knowledge and many years of experience within the sports business enable us to offer tayler-made solutions for sports organisations operating in a competitive business environment. On the pitch as well as in business: long-term success can only be achieved by effectively identifying potentials and efficiently putting these to use.

LMS:sport offers integrated solutions for professional sports organisations and clubs to successfully grow business. As a compact solution our up to 10 powerful business modules are linked to a single data base, with the following advantages:

  • Dynamic resource management: intelligent control of business processes
  • Business intelligence solutions: monitoring and storage of relevant business KPI's to support decisions
  • Room to manoeuvre: flexibility to shape the business and sport circumstances

This modular system was created for and co-developed with the help of our business partners and encompasses all relevant process aspects e.g. ticketing, member administration, CRM, payment, admission control, merchandise management and is completed by the sports management module lms:coach.
Success is not a lucky shot – lms:sport has the ideal tools and solutions for your business!

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